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London Projector Hire

London event management can provide Projectors for conferences, presentations, meetings, movies screenings and many more applications

We at L E M have a range of Pro Fastfold screens, projectors and Data Projector screens with sizes from 4f to 30f, and are suitable for all venue types and audience sizes. Projectors and projector screens are an excellent choice for weddings and corporate events, projector  screens are great for displaying a range of visuals and are best used in low light rooms to get the best effect, if you would like to display visuals in a very bright room then plasma or LCD screens may be the best option, call us so we can help.


Data Projector Hire London  Projector Screen Rental

 What are projector and LCD projector screens good for?

  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Displaying Logos
  • Training Videos
  • Workshops 
  • Live multi camera link up 
  • DVD mixing
  • Fastfold screen hire

L E M will deliver set-up and collect your projector or projector screen in London and the UK, Please call our team so we can help you with your event. Prices start from £59.00*.

Why use L E M for projector hire and rental?
  • We own more plasma panel display units than even our 'largest' competitor: so we can meet tighter deadlines, and enable you to achieve more spectacular results
  • Our equipment is the most up-to-date on the open market today: so you can assure your clients that they will be getting the best and most reliable kit available.
  • Our fast response times on quotations and availability
  • Our equipment is stored at prime locations in the London, so our response is reliable and delivery times are quick.
  • Our pricing is very competitive.
  • Our pricing continually takes into account current trends, so you can offer your clients a more spectacular display for their investment.
  • Our technicians rigorously test all equipment before being despatched.
  • Backed by London largest Event Equipment Hire company!